the cuisine of remembrance

The contrasts of flavors and visible elegance – these are the results of what my way of cooking is ultimately searching. It is made of simple and measured gestures clearly apart from excesses and mannerisms. I live intensely the desire to impress through my dishes a concrete sign in the sensory memory.

the restaurant

My cuisine is essential, based on the conscious use of raw materials and on the balance that comes from observing, preserve and metabolize the peculiarities of each ingredient.

The passion I feel is the segret ingredient, untouched over the years; the childhood memories glance in the scents and flavors given off from my dishes.

The dining room and the kitchen, which are located in the aisle of the Oratory of the Crucifix, are blending harmoniously together and create an entirely shared space among the guests and the kitchen crew.

torrone & ciliegie

Nougat semifreddo,cherries flavoured with Barbera wine, Barbera wine drops and sour cherries slush.

pasta & fagioli

Sauteed fresh noodles with white, green, red and black beans. A finish touch with celery, candied tomatoes and kidney bean cream.

the catering

Our services have estrablished among the best in Italy and Europe, this thanks to a conscientious and devoted team who reaches each service untarnished, planned and executed with great care and exactitude.

The credit goes to a fine, defined and unique dining. A milestone, source of pride which is translated in a daily motivation to maintain the high quality standards.

We offer catering for private and business: weddings, christening, gala dinners, birthdays, corporate events, business lunch.

contact us

Anna Ghisolfi

Piazzetta Giulia, 1
15057 Tortona (AL)

Tel. +39 0131 894219 / +39 0131 862299
Cell. +39 3384797142